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Pikeville KY

The City of Pikeville was renovating a house built in the 1800s. The historic house had absolutely no Insulation in the walls or attic. This house has ties to a lot of local history

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Charleston WV

Mr. and Mrs. B. would go to their retirement home in Florida during the winter and had been plagued with frozen, busted water lines in their crawlspace every year for

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Cattletsburg KY

Mr. M called because he had excessive moisture in his house. He had noticed mold in his closets and wanted to find a way to stop this moisture problem.

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Racine OH

Rich had noticed that all of his fiberglass insulation had fallen down under his house and that his duct work insulation had fallen off as well.

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Switzer WV

The specs for this commercial apartment complex called for fiberglass insulation to be installed. With only fiberglass insulation, there were empty cavities where the wood framing

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Portsmouth OH

Like most homes, this home had a bad crawlspace. By "bad" we mean stinky, bug infested, humid, and dirty. Since vented crawlspaces leak warm and cool air, these homeowners suffered from

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Jackson KY

Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation was honored to be chosen to complete the insulation portion of this retrofit and new addition project for the Oakdale Christian Academy in Jackson, KY.

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Scott Depot WV

These homeowners called us because they had an extremely hot attic in the summer and an extremely cold attic in the winter.

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