4 Health Risks of Having a Wet Basement

Don't Let Your Health Be Impacted by the Effects of a Wet Basement

4 Health Risks of Having a Wet Basement

Not only is a wet basement an inconvenience for you and your family, but it can also present health risks. The longer you put off waterproofing, you’ll be more at risk. Hopefully, you’ll be able to minimize the effects of a wet basement by taking the steps to protect yourself and your family with the help of Reed’s Home Solutions in West Virginia. If you believe your health has been impacted negatively by your wet basement, please seek medical attention.


Mold is a common allergen that can cause serious issues. The odor that it emits is unbearable, often leaving horrible symptoms of congestion and a scratchy throat. Many people find it difficult to sleep under these conditions, only leading to their overall health worsening as a result. It is crucial to eliminate mold from your house so these symptoms do not worsen.

Discovering mold in a wet basement.
Bacteria sample in a petri dish that was taken from a wet basement.


Naturally, too much moisture in your basement can help the spread of harmful bacteria. These bacteria can contain diseases, which can worsen with time. Airborne diseases can spread throughout your house as a result of bacteria accumulating in your wet basement. Due to the impact of COVID-19, this issue is time-sensitive.


Dust mites are another common trigger for most people’s allergies. If you have a wet basement that needs waterproofing, dust mites can travel throughout your home, causing uncomfortable throat itchiness or sinus problems for your family members. These dust mites can be eliminated by properly waterproofing your basement and monitoring its humidity levels.

Ball of dust in a home causing allergies.
Small mouse living as a pest in a basement.

General Pests

A wet basement will attract a myriad of other pests. All unwanted houseguests, like mice, spiders, and even cockroaches, will invade your home if you allow your wet basement to sit in that state for too long. Once these pests invade your home, the cost of fixing your wet basement becomes much higher.

Despite having many health risks, a wet basement is easy to avoid. Much like anything else, taking precautionary measures will help ensure that bigger problems do not arise in the future. Getting basement waterproofing effectively eliminates each of these health risks while simultaneously keeping moisture out of your basement. Contact Reed’s Home Solutions to schedule an appointment for basement waterproofing in West Virginia and Kentucky.

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