How to Repair a Wet Basement

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If you’ve noticed that you have a wet basement, you may be a bit frantic about finding a reasonable solution for your problem. While a wet basement seems like a big deal at the time, this is an issue that can be resolved pretty easily. The following methods are foolproof ways to fix your wet basement so that you can go back to your normal life without these blockages. Rely on the professionals at Reed’s Home Solutions for wet basement help in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Add Gutter Extensions

Sometimes, adding gutter extensions can seem impractical without proper help. People recognize that it’s easy to trip or mow over these, leaving them unsustainable for long-term use, plus, installation can be difficult. However, your local waterproofing service like Reed’s Home Solution can install them for an affordable rate if this seems like your best option. After professional installation, gutter extensions will greatly reduce any wet basement problems you may be experiencing.

Fix the Foundation

As the soil beneath your home settles over time, it will impact your basement, making it easier to collect unwanted moisture. Fixing the foundation of your home may help alleviate any wet basement problems. Depending on the damage to your home’s foundation, this method could take a while and be expensive.

Add a Curtain Drain

Some homes are lacking working footing drains. Therefore, adding a curtain drain helps moisture properly leave your home’s basement without collecting. Curtain drains are a kind of French drain that is a shallow trench. This drain is typically about two feet deep, and it costs about $10 per foot.

Professional Help

These quick fixes are useful in a pinch, but the most cost-effective and sustainable method to repair your wet basement is hiring professional waterproofing services. Our basement waterproofing service is comprehensive, reaching and fixing issues that you may not have even known were there. We want to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results to each client.

These days, fixing a wet basement is relatively simple. This issue can pop up at the least convenient of times, adding difficulties to your daily routines. However, with a little waterproofing and a lot of expertise, your basement can be improved, restored, and functioning better than it ever has before. If you need to repair a wet basement, contact Reed’s Home Solutions today!

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