Charleston, WV

Crawl Space Insulation in Charleston, WV

Mr. and Mrs. B. would go to their retirement home in Florida during the winter and had been plagued with frozen, busted water lines in their crawlspace every year for the past three years in Charleston WV.

Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation came in and seen how the crawlspace had many penetrations to the outside that was allowing the cold air in the crawlspace even though the vents would be closed. We also seen that the crawlspace door was rotted and was not sealed which was just another part of the problem.

The solution was to put a 20 mil liner on the ground and spray class II vapor barrier closed cell foam along the perimeter walls to seal up all penetrations and vents to keep the outside air out. A new Everlast crawlspace door was then installed to ensure that Frozen water lines will no longer be a problem for this couple.

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