Cattletsburg, KY

Moisture Control in Cattletsburg, KY

Mr. M called because he had excessive moisture in his house. He had noticed mold in his closets and wanted to find a way to stop this moisture problem.

Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation came in and noticed upon inspection that he had a lot of ground water in his crawlspace. The moisture would make it's way up and into the house causing mold, mildew and an uncomfortable living environment inside his home.

Reed's came in and treated the crawlspace with a mold-x treatment,dug a trench all of the way around the perimeter of the crawlspace and installed french drains. The drains were drained into a sump pump pit where the water would then be pumped to the outside by the super sump pump. A drainage mat as installed over the entire floor of the crawlspace and then a 20 mil CleanSpace liner on top of that to seal out all ground moisture. Class II vapor barrier closed cell foam was then applied around the perimeter walls sealing off all vents and penetrations to keep all outside moisture out. A Sanidry CX energy efficient crawlspace dehumidifier was installed and drained into the sump pit. The moisture in this crawlspace will now always be controlled.

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