Switzer WV

Apartment Spray Foam Insulation in Switzer, WV

The specs for this commercial apartment complex called for fiberglass insulation to be installed. With only fiberglass insulation, there were empty cavities where the wood framing met in the corners, leaving voids of insulation in the construction. This wouldn't have passed code, because it would have been a major air leak, allowing air to escape the building and allowing hot or cold air to come into the building from outside. Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation provided a remedy to this problem. We drilled holes in the corners, filling the voids with spray foam insulation to seal the cavities that the fiberglass insulation couldn't get to. We also filled in sections of foam board that had been cut for wiring.Spray foam insulation proved to be the more effective product on this job, as it met requirements that other products could not.

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