How Insulating Walls With Foam Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Adding or upgrading insulation in your home is one of the best things you can do to improve efficiency. Closed-cell foam insulation is particularly effective at this. Choosing to upgrade your home with closed-cell foam insulation will pay for itself over time in lower energy costs and health benefits. Here are a few ways it achieves these desirable results.

Technician spraying foam insulation on attic wallActs as a Sealant and Insulation

Foam insulation has a double function. On the one hand, it acts as an excellent barrier against the outside elements, as any insulation should. On the other hand, it also acts as a sealant, filling unwanted cracks and holes that may let heat and moisture in and out of the home. By sealing these cracks, foam insulates more effectively than traditional fiberglass insulation.

Thermostat displaying 70 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-century-modern home living roomAllows HVAC System To Not Work as Hard

Foam insulation’s superior sealing ability means there won’t be as many ways for outside air to infiltrate the interior of your home. This means that when your system is cooling, it won’t be competing with hot air seeping in from outside or vice versa. This makes it easier for your system to heat and cool your home properly, spending less time and energy to do so.

Attic coated in spray foam insulationProtection against Moisture

Moisture imbalance inside the home can be detrimental to your money-saving efforts and your health. Too much moisture in the home can facilitate mold growth, while too little can lead to wood warping and chipping paint. Both can lead to sinus and respiratory issues as well. Foam insulation is the most effective insulation for preventing the unwanted gain or loss of outside moisture, allowing you to control the interior moisture levels of your home easily. 

Happy family enjoying the inside of their homeEliminates Air Infiltration

We’ve already talked about how cracks and holes in your home can let in unwanted moisture and hot or cold air. But air infiltration can bring with it other concerns as well. Outside airflow can carry dust and debris into the home, which can cause allergy issues for your family and pets. It can also transport mold spores, which can be devastating to your sinus and lung health as well as cost a small fortune to eliminate if they’re allowed to grow.

The power of foam insulation lies in its ability to properly seal your home while providing superior insulation capabilities. This provides a barrier against unwanted air and contaminants, making the environment in your home safer and more comfortable. To learn more about foam insulation, please contact Reed’s Sprayfoam Insulation. Our team is excited to help with any questions you may have!

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