Basement Rim Joist Insulation near Lexington, Charleston, Georgetown

Basement Rim Joist Insulation near Lexington, Charleston, Georgetown & Johnson City

One of the frequently neglected parts of any building is the basement rim joist, also known as band joist, or sill plate. It is also one of the major sources of air infiltration and heat loss in the building. It can leak more air than all the windows combined. The air entering or leaving the rim joist area is likely to contain a high level of moisture that can end up causing mold growth and rot and further structural damage in the area. As 40% of the air you breathe inside your home or business property comes from your basement if the rim joists aren't insulated mold problems occurring in the basement affect the air quality and creates health problems for you.  Moreover, spiders, bugs, mice, and many small insects enter your building through the rim joist, leading to more damage and disturbance.

Therefore, if you are looking for basement rim joist insulation service in Georgetown, Lexington, Johnson City, Charleston, Adams, and nearby Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio, Tennessee Contact Reed’s Spray Foam Insulation to schedule a free inspection. We are your trusted local insulation contractor. We seal and insulate your basement rim joist.

Benefits of Insulating Basement Rim Joists

  • Improved comfort in the basement and in upstairs space too.
  • No more mold & mildew problems in the basement.
  • Stop unwanted air infiltration that brings in the cold winter air.
  • Lower heating & cooling costs.
  • Basement becomes usable as additional living space.
  • No more bugs, spiders, or mice entering the building.

Reed's Spray Foam Insulation is Your Insulation Contractor

Why Businesses/Homeowners Choose Reed's Spray Foam?

  • Free Inspection & Estimation of Basement to Correct Insulation Problems
  • Green & Efficient Air Sealing & Insulation
  • Increased Comfort & Consistent Temperatures in Your Basement
  • Top Reputation for Craftsmanship & Minimal Disruption

Call us at 844-723-9296 or click below to request an in-home inspection. We inspect your basement without any cost and assess your insulation problems. We provide you with wall insulation for your basement and help prevent moisture, molds, and foul odor. We serve customers in Grayson, Panther, Hallie, Apple Grove, Hiltons, Bevinsville, Raven, and other cities in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky, Tennessee.

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