Even the Toughest Wet Basements Have Practical Solutions

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A wet basement can become incredibly difficult to live with. The odors caused by substances like mold can trigger intense allergies within your family. To protect the health of your loved ones, it’s best to solve your wet basement problem sooner rather than later. This way, everyone can get back to living their normal lives, and your home can maintain its natural structural integrity. Keep reading to learn more about when waterproofing your basement may be necessary. For professional basement waterproofing solutions and more in West Virginia and Kentucky, rely on Reed’s Home Solutions.

Clogged washing machine causing water damage and a bad odor.


In some cases, you may notice unwanted odors wafting in from the basement. Appliances such as washing machines and dryers can be the cause of this, usually since water is involved. Waterproofing your basement and stopping any further water intrusion will greatly reduce any musty odors coming from your basement.

Rusty basement wall due to water intrusion.


Rust is formed in certain environments where iron meets water and air. Many homeowners will notice rust in their basement, since this space can be dark and moist, making it a great rust breeding ground. Sometimes, rust can appear rather suddenly, which could mean water intrusion. If you begin to see rust in your basement, enlist a professional team for basement waterproofing immediately.

Mold discovered under wallpaper in a basement that needs waterproofing.


Similar to rust, mold can form easily in basements since it also grows really well in dark, wet spaces. Mold gives off a pungent odor that’s hard to miss — most people can identify the smell of mold right away, as it is so prominent. If you see, smell, or suspect mold in your basement, water is likely the main cause — contact Reed’s Home Solutions for waterproofing solutions.

Bricklayer working on building a basement wall.


Efflorescence, or “white sparkles”, are the crystallized salt deposits you may see on your basement walls and floors. Efflorescence is caused by the breakdown of lime that was used in the construction of your building. If you notice efflorescence, it is a sign that immediate basement waterproofing is necessary, since it becomes more apparent after evaporating water. If you notice any efflorescence in your basement, get professional waterproofing performed immediately.

Nobody enjoys having a wet basement, especially if you notice any of these issues alongside it. If you have a wet basement, you could be susceptible to damage costs, as well as health risks. Thankfully, the solution for a wet basement is typically a simple waterproofing service. At Reed’s Home Solutions, we provide expert waterproofing services in West Virginia and Kentucky.

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