I would like to extend my thanks to you and your firm for their help with the insulation issues my house presented.I am sending a copy of my KY power bill showing the drop in KWH usage on my home.My upstairs heat pump now runs 1/4 as much as it did before we installed the insulation.I waited until I had a complete month's usage after insulation.I believe that although my budget amount won't adjust until August,I think the amount owed each month will require the budget to be reduced significantly. I really appreciate your help, because without your folks work, my power bill would certainly be much higher. As the bill shows, my power consumption is much more level and not so subject to swings in winter and summer.I have told a number of friends how you have helped me. I hope that many of these friends will chose Reed's Sprayfoam for any insulation work they need in the future.I will not hesitate to recommend you to others as a result of my experiences with you.A Happy Customer,William C.

William C
Greenup, KY

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