We have a two-story home and have struggled for years to regulate the temperature upstairs in our house.  It was always so cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  The upstairs would be at least 20 degrees hotter than the downstairs, causing the air unit to run continuously in efforts to reach the temperature set on the thermostat.  We knew we probably needed to add to our existing fiberglass insulation, but we kept putting it off and our electric bill just kept going up.  After Reed's explained sprayfoam insulation and the air-sealing qualities, we knew this was the best option for us.  They came in and sprayed our attic with Icynene open cell foam, and they even removed and hauled off our old fiberglass insulation.  The results truly exceeded our expectations! For the first time since we moved into the house 7 years ago, our upstairs temperature matches what the thermostat is set to, and our air conditoning unit can actually kick off, causing us to see a savings every month since the sprayfoam was installed.  It was definitely worth the investment, and we will probably recoup our money in energy savings alone within the next few years.  We would recommend sprayfoam insulation to anyone who has high power bills or has trouble regulating the temperature in your home. 

Leann L.
Belfry, KY

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