We recently had Ben Brock of Reed's Spray Foam assess the insulation needs for the much older section of our home.  He told us what we needed to do.  His crew came on time and knew exactly what Ben had conveyed to us.  They were professional and courteous.  They performed their work in spite of inclement weather conditions.  They informed us of the different spray applications they had to do, and when the job was finished they showed us that everything they had to do was completed.  We had old fiberglass insulation that had to be removed first, and this was bagged and hauled away for us.  We even received a follow up call to make sure the work was done to our satisfaction.  When he called to ask if we had noticed a difference since the insulation was installed, we honestly hadn't given it much thought.  Very late last night we both commented on how "nice" the floor in the sun room felt.  You still need socks on the wood floor, but before the foam insulation, even with wearing socks our feet were cold.  The true test was our oldest barn cat, Pooka.  She never curled up anywhere other than a throw on a chair or loveseat, but since the insulation, the last 2 days we have found her curled up on the rug in front of the kitchen sink.  This was the worst spot in the house other than the front bedroom.  Now when I do dishes I no longer feel that rush of cold air coming in...so thank you...very much...we are quite happy with the results.  We would definitely recommend Reed's for their quality workmanship. 

Jim and Wendy B.
Perryville, KY

Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation
15 Coleman road
Belfry, KY 41514