Everyone knows the cost of heating and cooling our homes is already high, but according to what I have been reading, it is going to be increasing quite a bit in the next years.  We had Reed's Spray Foam Insulation come and remove our old cellulose insulation (what junk that stuff is) from the attic space and the fiberglass batting (not appropriate for crawl space) from the crawl space in this home we purchased in February 2015.  We are so pleased with this entity and the work they did at our home.  These people were awesome--they are professional, efficient, meticulous, considerate, and a pleasure to work with.  I am so happy we chose them to do this job for us.  I highly recommend you give these people a call.  You will not be disappointed.  They did what they said they would do and more.  The house is so much more comfortable already.  On our way to saving money. 

Christie W
London, KY

Reed's Sprayfoam Insulation
15 Coleman road
Belfry, KY 41514