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Remodel Home in Stanton, Kentucky
Stanton, KY
October 8, 2021

Our crews offered to remove the existing insulation in the home before the newer application process started in the attic and walls. In all of the main level walls, we insulated tehe empty cavities with foam insulation, trimming the excess to match the studs for future wall replacement. Secondly we insulated the attic space of the home with spray foam as well,helping to create an air tight thermal cap on the home.

Subfloor insulation in Burnsville, North Carolina
Burnsville, NC
October 7, 2021

Our crews installed sprayfoam insulation to the subfloor of this home. This will strengthen the floor as well as give it an air barrier, water barrier and insulate the floor. Keeping the floors conditioned for time to come.

Metal Garage Building in South Point, Ohio
South Point, OH
June 25, 2021

Our crew installed closed cell foam to the walls and the ceiling of the building. This creates an air-tight seal to prevent conditioned air from escaping and to help in the prevention of moisture build-up to protect their valuables!

New Construction Metal Building in Falmouth, Kentucky
Falmouth, KY
June 25, 2021

Our crew installed sprayfoam insualation on the ceiling and walls of the metal building to help not only maintain the conditioned temperature of the building, but to also prevent future condensation and "sweating" issues.

Existing Attic in Bakersville, North Carolina
Bakersville, NC
June 17, 2021

Our crews were able to replace the old insultion in the attic with sprayoam insualtion, causing an airtight seal on the space. This will help keep conditioned air in the home throughout the seasons and prevent temperature differences in the home.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Oak Ridge, TN
Oak Ridge, TN
June 14, 2021

Our crew first lined the uneven earth with gravel to help add some structure to the sloped path. Then lined the earth with a anti-microbial treated liner. The foundation walls were insulated with 2 inches of closed cell foam insulation. This will be a continuous seal onto the liner. The rim joist were then insulated with 4 inches of open cell foam insulation, preventing air leaks from the rim joist area.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Varney, West Virginia
Varney, WV
May 18, 2021

Crawl Space Transformation in Monticello, Kentucky
Monticello, KY
April 28, 2021

Existing Crawlspace in Wayonka Ohio
Waynoka, OH
April 15, 2021

Pole Barn Garage - Oak Hill, Ohio
Oak Hill, OH
March 15, 2021

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Allen Junction, WV
Allen Junction, WV
February 25, 2021

Our crew sealed the saturated earth with a liner made of a 16 mil high and low-density polyethylene with polyester-cord reinforcement, the liner is treated with an antimicrobial finish that protects against mold and mildew growth on or under the liner. The Foundation walls will be insulated with 2 nominal inches of closed cell foam insulation. This will be a continuous seal onto the liner. All foundation and crawl space vents will be sealed. The rim joist will be insulated with 4 nominal inches of open cell foam insulation. This will seal all air leaks in the rim joist area.

Also a dehumidifer was installed to keep moisture from rebuilding in the area. This will help the homeowner's crawlspace stay dry and moisture free for years to come.

Gym Ceiling in Middlesboro, KY
Middlesboro, KY
February 2, 2021

Our crews installed closed cell foam along the ceiling/roof deck of the building. This will not only prevent energy from escaping, but reducing the chances of condensation forming on the metal and creating wear and tear throughout time.  

Remolded Home in Columbia, Kentucky
Columbia, KY
December 3, 2020

Large Metal Building in Langley, KY
Langley, KY
November 27, 2020

Man Cave Insulation in Erwin, Tenessee
Erwin, TN
November 20, 2020

Our crew provided this shed with closed cell foam insulation ranging from 2-3 inches, not only helping add stregth to the walls and ceiling of the outbuilding, but creating an air-tight lock where no condioned air would be able to escape.

Retrofit Attic In Dunbar, West Virginia
Dunbar, WV
November 3, 2020

Our crews removed old insulation and disposed of it. Afterwords, they installed 6" inches of open cell foam insulation to the roof deck and gable ends of the attic. This eliminates the house being uncomfortable due to the stack effect.

Attic Insulation in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Oak Ridge, TN
October 8, 2020

Roof Deck and Walls of Barn in Milton, West Virginia
Milton, WV
October 6, 2020

Our crews provided 1 inch of closed cell foam insulation to the roof deck and walls. This will create a cap on the barn and prevent the hot air of the heaters from escaping upward in a stack effect method.

Walk In Cooler in Hindman, Kentucky
Hindman, KY
September 29, 2020

Our crew insulated the cooler walls and ceiling with 5 nominal inches of closed cell foam insulation. This closed cell foam will provide an airtight seal on the cooler and make sure it not only maintains its desired temperature but it will also prevent moisture from building up in the cool space.

Crawlspace Repair in Monticello, Kentucky
Monticello, KY
September 14, 2020

Crawl Space Lined and Insulated in Arnoldsburg, West Virginia
Arnoldsburg, WV
July 30, 2020

Our crews lined the earth of the crawl space with a 12-mil liner reinforced and treated with a antimicrobial finish to protect against mold growth and mildew on or under the liner if moisture were to ever be created under the floor. The crawl space foundation walls were insulated with 2 inches of closed cell foam insulation to create a seal along the liner. The rim joist were insulated with 4 inches of open cell foam to seal any air leaks and prevent the energy from the home to escape as well as reducing the coolness of this customer's floor.

New Construction Garage Addition Insulation in Moscow, Ohio
Moscow, OH
July 30, 2020

The roof deck was insulated with 4 inches of closed cell foam, sealing fof all ridge vents, gable vents, and soffit vents. This created a thermal seal around the apartment building, allowing it to be a comfortable and energy efficient living quarter.

New Construction in Union, Kentucky
Union, KY
July 17, 2020

Crawlspace Insulation in Mount Lookout, West Virginia
Mount Lookout, WV
July 13, 2020

Crawlspace Project in Beckley, West Virginia
Beckley, WV
July 10, 2020

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