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Damp & Moldy Crawlspace Renovation in Ripley, WV

This homeowner was experiencing cold drafts and dampness in the home and reached out to us for assistance.  We found that the root problem was coming from the crawlspace.  Our crew was able to provide multiple services to not only insulate the home from drafts, but to upgrade the crawlspace and prevent any further issues.

We sprayed mold treatment on all wood services.  Dug trenches, laid pipe and installed a sump pump to remove water seeping into the crawlspace area.  Laid down 20 mil cord reinforced liner over the entire crawlspace and sealed it at every seam.  Sprayed a class II vapor barrier closed cell foam to the walls and around all edges of the liner which created a complete crawlspace encapsulation.  We also installed a dehumidifier and a radon detection system. 

This upgrade to this crawlspace not only solved the issue with the cold drafts and dampness in the home, it has also made the home more energy efficient and has provided a warmer more desirable environment.

Attic Roof Deck Insulated in Hurricane, WV

This home in Hurricane, WV was burdened with drafts and high energy bills.

Reeds Sprayfoam Insulation team identified areas in the attic with air leakage and low levels of insulation.  We insulated the roof deck with 6 nominal inches of open-cell foam insulation, sealing off all ridge vents, gable vents, and soffit vents.  Thus creating an airtight 94% efficient Thermal cap on the home and putting an end to future air leakage and energy loss to improve the overall comfort of the home.

Enclosed Porch with Metal Roof in Danville

This homeowner is adding a enclosed porch with a metal roof to his home.  Sprayfoam insulation is the best method for insulating your metal roof, as it helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and significantly reduce your energy costs.  There are many advantages to using sprayfoam insulation versus fibergalss insulation for metal.  Sprayfoam provides a seamless air barrier, restricts moisture transmission, adds structural strength, does not shrink or settle and has a higher insulation R value.    During humid weather, metal tends to sweat.  The moisture will damage the building and can create mold and mildew behind traditional fiberglass insulation.  

Crawlspace Renovation in Ona, WV

Are you terrified to go under your house in your crawlspace?  Let Reeds Sprayfoam Insulation turn your crawlspace into a clean, airtight, comfortable space that you can be proud of.  We will cover the ground with a cleanspace liner, sealed at every seam; then apply a vapor barrier close cell foam around the band board and rim joists, down the block, sealing up all crawlpace vents down onto the cleanpace liner.  This creates a crawlspace that is completely sealed off from all outside elements, creating a crawlspace that is not only clean and airtight, but is also easy to see around.

Crawlspace Renovation, Proctorville OH

The crawlspace beneath a home can lead to many problems within the house, and this is an area that is overlooked when the homeowner starts trying to find solutions.  This home suffered from several problems including energy loss, dampness, and dry rotting of clothing in closets - all of which were traced to the improperly sealed and high humidity of the crawlspace.   Reeds Sprayfoam Insulation crew did a complete renovation of the crawlspace to make this home warm and energy-efficient again.

Our crew removed and disposed of all insulation from the subfloor.  After the insulation was removed they performed mold removal and treatment of all mold-like bacteria found. 

The earth of the crawlspace was sealed with a liner made of a 12-mil 3-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with polyester-cord reinforcement.   The liner is treated with an antimicrobial finish that protects against mold and mildew growth on or under the liner.

A crawlspace encapsulation access door was installed and sealed into the crawlspace encapsulation.

The rim joist was insulated to seal all air leaks in the rim joist area

The foundation walls were insulated to create a continuous seal to the liner.  All foundation and crawl space vents were sealed.

A high-efficiency dehumidifier was installed in the crawlspace.

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